Spooling Around

Spool Teacher

Sewing used to be taught to young girls during junior and high school.

Learning any skill is life affirming. It creates new aptitudes for surviving. Self esteem is increased. There is value added to a person’s life.

This website is devoted to promoting the art and skill  of sewing and all of its manifestations.

Ms. SpoolTeacher will be posting projects that she herself is working on and will include dialog useful to replicating these creations for anyone who is inspired by what she publishes.

Most of what she does is accomplished by simply spooling around with  her resources, playing until she is inspired to create. So many things are spontaneous and may or may not use patterns. Where they are, they will be referenced.

It will mostly be a place to come to find encouragement, advice, inspiration. A place for caring and sharing.

Keep coming back to see the progress as comments and questions guide the building of this launch.

We look forward to what is in store.

And we hope you will join us leaving comments and suggestions for what we need to be.

Spools Rush In…


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