Where to go from here

Hello and welcome.

Consewvation was the beginning of my fall into blogging. As it is, it is where the branding started and I’m not clever enough to figure out how to fix it. Things evolved and now all of my content is spread among three other locations since I have three main interests — gardening, sewing and writing.

Gardening can be found at First Do No Harm Front Yard Farming: https://firstdonoharmfrontyardfarmacy.com/

Sewing is now at the SpoolTeacher site: https://spoolteacher.com/

Writing is now a stand-alone site — Ms.Jackie of all Trades/Writing Spool, so that the dialog can be more than just about gardening or sewing — short stories, ranting, and odd other things: https://msjackieofalltrades.wordpress.com/

Thank you for your visit and I hope to see you those other places as well.

Be happy. Choose love.


About Ms. SpoolTeacher

Ms. SpoolTeacher is a Designer by career profession, a seamstress by passion, a teacher by osmosis. She's very intent on getting off the grid and loves to participate in anything that uses resources that already exist. She is aka Ms. Jackie of all Trades. She can be found expounding around at any of a number of places, click the vintage pattern Gravatar image to see where Ms. SpoolTeacher expounds around.
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