What Used To Be’s

what's that you say?

The flocked demim skirt was very cute. It was very simple, a nice tubular style with no waist band other than a simple bound edge. Center zipper in the back with a little slit at the hem. It was a short skirt.

It just looked like so much nice fabric that could be put to a more interesting use than a skirt. Especially since it didn’t fit.

Ms. SpoolTeacher had found it at a second hand clothing outlet and scarfed it up for her Lollipops & Polka Dots Variety Store.No one bought it before it just begged for deconstrucSewn…

Once apart, the nice big back section was just enough for a…(what else) pillow! And that beautiful Damask sample swatch made a masculine blue/orange combo. Maybe she could hold herself back from “girling” it up too much.


The Burgundy velvet ribbon seemed to look like a nice compliment.

InSewVating again

Once again, (this is a bad habit she’s gotten into), she got this far without thinking about what you might want to see…she should have shown you the skirt before. Darned her. All those scraps to the left are from other deconstrucSewn items. Shirts pieced out for “Just Sleeve it to Me” “Haute Handbags”, and shirt pillows…All the nice french seams are just so sturdy and needn’t be thrown out. She thought about a mop..then thought better…

But first to embellish the applied Damask inset, raw edges need to be treated…

measure and "hold your mouth the right way"

Measure it, pin it and then “hold your mouth the right way” while pressure foot tries to defy you..

Small length stitches very close to the edge

now the outer aw edges of the inset must be treated somehow, nicely

That looks nice, now to treat the inset Damask raw edges to something nice…

Improvised corners, for an undisclosed "oopsie, whoopsie".

Okay, that’s pretty good so far…

clip, clip, clip....clip, clip, clip

Let’s work on the fringe for awhile…

"How now brown cow?"

Okay, that’s kinda cool…

There's just something irrestible about Damasks

She divided up the colors into four batches so each side of the square would have a varied assortment similar to each other, then randomly, intuitively applied them as she went along, placing them under the pressure foot as she went along…

No Scrap Left UnSpooled, the gimp trim is a bit too much though...we'll show some restraint..

Looks kind of western, leather tooled? Now what for the back..?

Inside back

No, not that. That’s the inside back.

That will be a cool zip on the back for a detail

There we go. How about that dot pattern fabric and a cool diagonal zipper…stay tuned for part two…

About Ms. SpoolTeacher

Ms. SpoolTeacher is a Designer by career profession, a seamstress by passion, a teacher by osmosis. She's very intent on getting off the grid and loves to participate in anything that uses resources that already exist. She is aka Ms. Jackie of all Trades. She can be found expounding around at any of a number of places, click the vintage pattern Gravatar image to see where Ms. SpoolTeacher expounds around.
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