Pre-Spool Shoes

Red and White Gingham Camoflauged

gray Camo

Gender Neutral?

Pink and Greenies

Twiggy's baby shoes

Mellow Yellow

Houndstooth Preppie

Flower Power

Spidy Tops

Spidy Bottoms

Bandana Dots

Checked Out



Girlzie Bottoms


Anything custom you can imagine…

Comments welcome.

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The Spooling of Two Hearts

BFF’s hanging out at Lollipops & Polka Dots Variety Store

When Purple-haired Annie realized that Machita Ann was coming alive, she was so anticipatory. Every day at Lollipops & Polka Dots, she would jump up on the table and ask Ms. SpoolTeacher, “When will she be able to talk?”

Ms. SpoolTeacher would say, “Purple-haired Annie, as soon as I can get her little lips embroidered on, you can ask her your questions and tell her what’s on your heart.”

“Oh, so good. Will it be soon?”

Ms. SpoolTeacher would say, “Soon, little lady, soon. I have to wait on that customer first, but I will get her real as quick as I can.”

“Okay, I’ll wait. I’m so full of joy, I can hardly stand to be so happy.”

“What will you ask her, Purple, what is so exciting that you can hardly stand the wait?”

“I so hope she will want to be my best friend”, Little Purple-haired Annie said, “And I want to hold her hand and spool around. I think it will be so nice to have a friend.”

“Oh, I’m sure she will be delighted. I can almost hear her say, ‘Yes, Missy Purple, I would love to be your new best friend’.”

The anticipation grew.

Purple-haired Annie sat down next to Machita Ann and held her hand, “It won’t be long Machita until you and I can be best friends. I hope you will, I hope you will.”

Waiting, Waiting

Machita Ann’s Ensemble

Wicked Witch of the West?

Spooling Around the Store

My New Outfit

Getting Dressed

Panties on

Dress on

Apron on

Bow Tied

All Dressed up

I like your buttons, Machita Ann

Hangin’ out, talking Spool

BFF”s at last!

Even though Ms.Purple knew Machita Ann would be adopted, she was filled with Glee. Just the thought of a friend for life, no matter where they lived.

Catching a Spoolbus to new Mom’s house

Crunch Time

Spoolcase packed and ready to go.

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